Where I read this interesting story!

My Summary:

     Joseph Kony has been spotted in Eastern and Central Africa. U.S troops have been working with Somalian troops in finding the wanted villan. Once traced back to Somalia, Kony has moved deep into Central African Republic’s forest. Kony’s army has been breaking apart, kidnapping without his command. We estimate his army size at 300. A U.S. official sees only one way to stop Kony, and that is him being killed.


My thoughts:

     I think Joseph Kony was wise in his choice of hiding, a deep thick forest with not many roads or way of communication. I also find it interesting how Somalia is working with the U.S. Somalia has been the only African country to help with the search. I believe that our government will be able to stop Kony, but like Bin Ladin, it may take us awhile.