Having fun in Geography class

Summary of the project:

The United States is made up of 5 different regions. William and I were assigned the Northeast. First we had to research the states that are contained in the Northeast. Our book wasn’t much help, so we had to research online. Second we had to write a script for our podcast. We dialoged back forth, talking about a few of the individual states. Third we had to record our voices. Next we had to make a  slide show on keynote. We had to find pictures that went along with our script. Both of us are very indecisive, so this took most of our time. Then we had to record our voices onto our slide show and make the pictures come in and out at the right time. Lastly we had to convert the podcast into a movie file. Thankfully we did not have a difficult time with this. Overall, I liked our podcast.

Evaluation of my work:

I have never worked with just William before. It was an interesting experience. Both of us do not like to choose. We wasted a lot of time because neither of us would decided. I think that was our biggest setback. However, we both were on the same page. We did not argue much and took each others suggestions well.  We found bright, interesting pictures that went along with our topic. I felt that we were on task most of the time. We weren’t easily distracted. The next time I do another podcast with someone, I will try to be more decisive if needed. I would also look up pictures at home and save them on my thumb-drive. The computers did not always do what we needed them to do. I learned that the hard way. I think I did a good job.