Summary: (134 words)

     Western Europe has no desert, 1 climate, 2 dominate religions, and 3 very distinct regions within it.  Europe is the only continent without a desert. Marine west coast climate stretches across 16 of the 24 countries. Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are the primary religions. However, in Greece over 90% of the people are Eastern Orthodox. All three differ, but Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy are similar. Eastern Europe can be divided into three regions. Northern Europe consists of 10 countries that lie on the Scandinavian Peninsula and Great Britain (exception of Ireland and Finland). The ocean separates these countries from the rest. Continental Europe consists of France, Germany, the Low Countries between them and the Alpine Region.  Mediterranean Europe consists of three large peninsulas that have a Mediterranean climate do to their location.

What I liked: (78 words)

     This had been my favorite chapter so far. I liked learning about the different major exports of each country. I had no idea that Portugal had forests of oak trees. Even though Luxembourg is tiny in size it still has a major role in Western Europe surprised me. It leads the world in the highest GDP per capita. I also thought it was strange how certain parts of countries acted as though they were their own independent country.